Adorable Cupcake Party Favors to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

Cupcakes are adored by every kid. Their colorful frosting, sprinkles, tantalizing flavors make everyone’s mouth to water. Why not celebrate your little kid’s birthday with a cupcake party favors theme and let everyone become creative chefs? Cupcake themed parties are fun to plan and you can even involve your kids to lend you a helping hand.

Since the theme of the party is cupcakes, you need to purchase invitations based on the cupcake theme. You might come across many online websites that offer readymade invitations, along with kids birthday party favors at affordable prices. If you want the invitations to be special, you can even go in for designing such invitations with the help of colorful papers, confetti, glitter pens and accessories.

Once the invitations are sent out to the guests, you need to think about the decorations. The cake table can be decorated with brown fabrics or tablecloth. To give it a cupcake type of a look, you can place a small pink tablecloth and sprinkle some confetti on top of it. In addition to this you can even add some bright and colorful lights at the entrance of the party hall along with some balloons and streamers.

Not all the guests will arrive on time. Kids cannot remain peaceful for long. They need to vent out their energy in some way. In order to avoid them from doing any mischief you can hand out some crayons and a coloring page of a cupcake and ask them to color them. This will keep them occupied till the rest of the guests arrive.

Now a cupcake birthday party favors theme is not complete without a food menu. There are a lot of items that can be included in the food list ranging from sandwiches, pizzas, baby vegetables, nuggets, fruit salads and of course the cupcakes. The birthday cake can either be purchased or baked in the shape of a giant cupcake and you can even decorate the cake with colorful icing and frosting. Children can even decorate several cupcakes and take them home with them as cupcake party favors.

Once all the little tummies are filled, you might want to indulge the kids into some fun filled games. You can make a cupcake pinata and fill them up with all types of small toys, candies and chocolates. Other exciting games that the children would love are Pin the Candle on the Cupcake, Cupcake Sprinkle Toss, Sprinkle Relay Race and many more.

Kids love the party favor packs and you can either purchase cupcake birthday party favor packs from online stores or add items of your own. Some of the items that will make excellent kid birthday party favors include cupcake themed candies, makeup sets, decorated aprons, lip gloss and many more. These favor bags can be attached with a thank you note and put into pink tulle and tied with brown ribbons.

If you browse the internet, you may come across a lot of ideas for organizing a cupcake party favors theme. This theme is sure to be a huge hit not only with the kids, but also with the adults. If you get stuck in your preparations, you can always ask advice from people who have already had such themes for their kids’ birthday parties.

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