Mickey Cupcakes – A Great Alternative to Traditional Birthday Cakes

Do you know that baking and decorating your own Mickey cupcakes can be one of the greatest ideas that can add a unique sparkle to your child’s Mickey Mouse themed party? Yes, it definitely can!

Cupcakes are definitely fast becoming one of the hottest trends in birthday parties. And the reason for this is quite simple – they are relatively easier to make and decorate as compared to traditional birthday cakes, and are a lot easier on the budget, too. No wonder a lot of parents are making the switch!

Just how easy is it to prepare your own Mickey cupcakes? Well, all you have to do is buy a box or two of cupcake mix and follow the cooking instructions to come up with a batch of freshly baked cupcakes. Or if you’re a little pressed for time, you can always order a dozen or two from your favorite bakery. It really depends on your choice. Either one will surely work out fine.

When you have your cupcakes ready, you can start decorating them by putting on some cake frosting. You can use simple vanilla, chocolate or peanut butter frosting depending on the design you want and your personal preference. You can find a lot of frosting recipes by doing a simple online search.

Or if you want, you can also use fondant to decorate your cupcakes. Fondant is a great time saver because you can prepare it or purchase it well ahead of time. It also keeps well and makes for a spectacular cupcake decoration. Now, if you want to please your older guests, you can also have some with cream cheese frosting. The possibilities are quite endless!

To decorate your cupcakes, you can put topper rings which can also double as party favors, or you can use edible toppers and candy confetti sprinkles. You can also use small round cookies or use colored vanilla frosting to make a Mickey Mouse silhouette on top of your cupcakes. You’ll only need one large circle for the face and two smaller ones for the ears, and you’ll instantly have the perfect Mickey Mouse silhouette! Or how about sticking two chocolate cookies on top of your chocolate cupcakes so that the whole thing looks like Mickey? This sounds good, too.

Now that you’ve finished decorating them, you can showcase your creativity by displaying and serving these adorable and yummy masterpieces on a platter, an eye-catching cake stand, a multi-tiered cake stand, or a specially designed cupcake stand.

Having Mickey cupcakes in your kid’s birthday party will surely be a hit with the kids and the adults as well. So, why not try this great idea for your child’s next party? Everyone will surely love it!

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