DIY Weddings – From Decorations to Wedding Cupcakes

With the economic crisis more and more people are trying to save money and still get married. There are many things you can do to save money, by making and organising things yourself such as table names and wedding cupcakes as a replacement for a traditional cake.

It is the little things that make the money mount up. For a start the invitations. These can be very expensive to make, especially if you want something personal. Why not make them yourself by buying some basic card stock and just adding a small detail such as some lace, confetti or simple rings? This way you will have your own personal invite. If you want to take it further why not create an email invite, which will only cost you your time. This will save on delivery and most people are checking the web daily.

The dress is nearly always the most expensive item. Why not hire a dress or check out local charity shops. Some charity shops are specialised in this area. For bridesmaid dresses, why not try department stores such as BHS or Debenhams?

Registry offices are always the cheapest to hire. Some are also right next to the Church to make it more special. Using a local community centre is a great place to host your party later. Self-catering a buffet rather than a three course meal will mean you can invite more people for less. The decorations are very easy to create yourself. Confetti can go a long way, and dried flowers in large batches could save a lot on the d├ęcor. Candles are always cheap and an easy solution.

Last of all is the cake. Why not make your own wedding cupcakes? These are easy to make and you can even learn how to make fondant flowers to give them that extra edge. You can use different topping, flavours and decoration to really make the cupcakes stand out.

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