How to Use Cupcakes Properly for Your Wedding

Making your own wedding cupcakes is a smart way to give your wedding an elegant touch yet you still can save a lot of money. Cupcakes are seen as more practical than ordinary cakes as you do not need to slice them as you do with cakes. However, there are some tips you need to do if you want to serve wedding cupcakes. If you do not prepare well and just simply serve the cupcakes with whatever flavors, decorations and arrangement, there is a good chance the cupcakes will leave bad impression to the wedding itself.

First of all, you need to figure out the cupcakes arrangement. There are few arrangements you can try. First, is stacking 4 to 5 boxes on top of each other. This will form a tree for the cupcakes. The boxes are better 4 to 5 inches high to make a perfect tree. The boxes from top to bottom will be 6 inches square, 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches. You can add a pretty touch by wrapping pretty paper around the boxes and attaching a ribbon. The last touch would be placing the cupcakes on top of all the boxes. However, you can always experiment with any boxes decoration you think is beautiful. The next thing you need to figure out is the flavors. If you use cupcakes for a wedding, they will actually benefit you that you can have various flavors. There are two ways that you can do, first is mixing all the flavors together in the same cupcakes with the same decoration. Second, is only having one flavor for one cake and the decoration is different from one flavor to each other.

Another important thing is choosing the ingredients. Do not buy a box of mixes cupcakes then serve them, as the cupcakes might already not fresh. Instead, always only serve fresh cupcakes made from ingredients that you like, whether you make them on your own or buy the freshly made cakes from a bakery. The last important thing is the size of the wedding cupcakes. It is always best to keep the cupcakes in small size, as you want to give them to the guest as a small desert. Do not have cupcakes with size bigger than a tea cup as they will not look good when presented. Big cupcakes will also cost a lot of money and more time to make. On the contrary, the cupcakes should not be too small as well. This will result to the cakes run out before all the guests can enjoy them.

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