Stylish Cupcake Liners and Cucpake Wrappers for Weddings

There are two perfect accessories for stylish wedding cupcakes–liners and wrappers. Both of these are available in more patterns and colors than ever before, and can accent your wedding theme while you save on cake cutting fees.

Traditional wedding cake is expensive. Even if you order a simple cake with minimal embellishments, it is highly likely that your caterer or reception venue will charge you for each slice of cake they cut. Some brides don’t factor these costs into their budget during the planning stage of their wedding, but the fees can add up to hundreds of dollars! To save money, or just for personal preference, many brides and grooms have been turning to cupcakes as their wedding reception dessert of choice.

Cupcakes have been surging in popularity since the 1990s, as bakeries across the country started experimenting with flavors and frosting. There are cupcake TV shows, cookbooks, decorating kits, etc. People everywhere love the little cakes!

Like traditional wedding cakes, you will need to pick out the cake and frosting flavors, then decide on how you want to dress them up. What are your wedding colors? What is your style? Are you trying to achieve a classic or modern look? Write down a few words describing the overall theme of the wedding and keep them in mind when shopping for coordinating liners or wrappers.

Cupcake liners are the plain or patterned paper with fluted sides that you actually bake the batter in. They come in many fun designs these days, and are usually made of paper but can also be made out of foil. Some cupcakes can also be baked in silicone cupcake liners and then removed. The problem with cupcake liners is that they can turn brown in the oven, discoloring the lovely pattern on the outside, which doesn’t always look nice enough to serve at a wedding.

The solution to discolored cupcake liners is to add stylish cupcake wrappers around the outside. These are often more decorative and intricate than cupcake liners, sometimes with special laser-cut shapes and designer patterns. You can find jacquard wrappers in black and white, cherry blossom cupcake wrappers, lacy cupcake wrappers, and many more designs to match your theme.

Coordinate your cake and frosting colors with the outer wrappers, then figure out a way to display them beautifully on a cupcake stand or cupcake holder, and you will have a beautiful alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake.

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