Wedding Cupcakes With a Little Twist

So you are on a tight budget and you need some ideas for a wedding cake. Today a lot of couples are using the cupcake tree. The cupcake tree can be used in place of the traditional wedding cake and will look just as beautiful as the traditional wedding cake.

If you are a chocolate lover and love chocolate cake now you can make the cupcakes in chocolate yourself and save hundreds of dollars by doing this. First you will need to figure out how many guests will be attending you wedding reception. You will want to have enough dessert for everyone. It is a good idea to have extra cupcakes just in case more people show up unexpectedly. Now here are some creative ideas for your chocolate cupcakes. You can create chocolate marble cakes. First to create these pretty cupcakes you will need a box of vanilla cake mix and a box of chocolate cake mix.

Next follow the directions on the back of the box for making the batter. Next take two tablespoons of chocolate and fill in the empty baking cup. Next take two tablespoons of the vanilla batter and gently pour in on top. Now take a toothpick and swirl careful the vanilla and chocolate cake mix. Now if you need a little more batter in the cups pour a little more of both in. When finished baking you will see where you will have a marble effect in your little cupcakes. To decorate use your favorite frosting and decorate with little flowers on tops. Stacking there beautiful cupcakes will be so easy to do. As you put the cupcakes on the cupcake tree you can add real flowers in between the tiers to create a soft and natural look.

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