Why Cupcakes Are Better Than Wedding Cakes

Many couples that plan to be married are set on hiring the right baker to make the perfect elegantly designed tiered wedding cake. For a lot of brides and grooms, the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception, and the couple looks forward to exchanging bites or playfully smashing cake and icing in the face or mouth of their new spouse. However, there are several reasons why cupcakes are better than wedding cakes for contemporary weddings. This article will show you why they are better and how they can save you a lot of money.

First, aside from flowers, wedding cakes are sometimes the most expensive element of a wedding. Some couples simply do not have the money to splurge on cake after spending money for other wedding items. A cake can really become a budget buster. Some wedding cakes can set you back well over a thousand dollars, while spending a day or two baking cupcakes isn’t going to put nearly that kind of dent on your wallet or budget.

Although wedding cakes are beautiful and prompt a breathtaking reaction from the couple and guests alike, sometimes, a huge wedding cake is a waste of food. Because of health problems like diabetes, dieting, low tolerances for things that are just too sweet or the sheer fullness of devouring wedding food, many guests do not eat a lot of cake. The couple is left with a lot of cake to throw away, take home or try to push off on family and guests when the reception is over. Many times the cake is designed to look great, but tastes terrible so many people just skip it altogether!

The cupcake beautifully placed on wedding cupcake stands is a great option to cake. The bride and groom can order an endless array of flavors, not have to worry about excess leftovers and cut their expenses. Additionally, guests who see smaller deserts on cupcake stands feel a lot less overwhelmed by all the sugar. They can eat a cupcake and not feel bloated or guilty because they have destroyed a diet or taken a health risk.

The smaller, versatile version of cake eating at a reception has brought lots of relief to the bride and groom. The easy of planning for it is a good reason why cupcakes are better than cakes. Besides, it is still a form of cake, and the bride and groom each still has the chance to smash the cake in the face of the other.

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