What You Need To Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes

What You Need To Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes

If you have never heard of Haro Kiti or Hello Kitty, you must have been living on a desert island since 1974! Sanrio, a Japanese company, came up with idea of Hello Kitty and she was designed by Yuko Shimizu. There is everything from a Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitar to Hello Kitty cupcakes!

The company is reported to make $500 billion dollars every year through Hello Kitty products and licensing agreements, plenty of cash for their Kitty for sure. The character’s real name is Kitty White and is English, living somewhere around London, England. She has a birthday and a twin sister and one of her favorite pastimes is making cookies (that’s biscuits in England) and I expect she makes a few batches of Hello Kitty cupcakes on the occasion of her birthday which is November 1st.

Hello Kitty shows no signs of lessening in popularity. New products are brought out every year, including books, movies, dolls, stickers, cards and toys – just about everything you can think of, and she is extremely popular amongst adults too. In Asia you can get all sorts of grown-up Hello Kitty products.

Hello Kitty cupcakes can be made from any ingredients you would normally make a cupcake from, but if you have some extremely knowledgeable people to serve the cupcakes to, you might make them from apple sauce cake, as one of Kitty’s favorite things is her mom’s home made apple pie.

Hello Kitty cupcakes are really easy to decorate with Kitty’s face because she is basically just white with a pink bow, black whiskers and a cute little yellow button nose. You can make fondant simply by using confectioner’s sugar, water and marshmallows, and the whiskers can be drawn on with edible food color markers. A little twist with an icing nozzle can add the pink bow and a yellow dot for the nose. You’ll probably be glad she doesn’t have a mouth!

You can make your cupcakes in your favorite flavors with any of your favorite cupcake mixes, or make one up yourself. There’s lots of recipes for Hello Kitty cupcakes online and many useful and easy tips for decorating your cupcakes. What a perfect idea for a little girl’s birthday party, or she could take one to school with her for break – she’s bound to be the envy of her friends if you do.

If your little girl wants to have a go at making Hello Kitty cupcakes, you can actually buy a play set that uses a play dough. The box contains everything your little girl (over 3) will need to make her own Hello Kitty cupcakes, including moulds, cutting tools (these are not sharp!), a cake display stand, recipe cards and a dozen paper cupcake holders and a box to put them in.

The Hello Kitty saga continues to get bigger and bigger. If you are travelling in Asia, you might be surprised to see an Asian airbus decorated all over with Hello Kitty pictures and characters.

So if you do decide to make some Hello Kitty cupcakes you can sit back and imagine if you had thought up this simple little white cat and what you would be doing with all that money now!

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