When Cupcakes Are the Right Choice

When Cupcakes Are the Right Choice

It’s a parents choice everyday on what to feed their children. Sure, you can give the excuses of what the mainstream neighbors and school cafeteria are offering, but until your child has a drivers license, you, the parent, are in charge what your child eats.

In fact, it’s during this time as your children are learning from you and still within your reach that you can have the most impact on their future choices. I’m proud that my children ask if unknown foods they are served have artificial ingredients. They are becoming some of the most conscious children on the block. However, every once in a while, the need happens for a REAL treat.

Recently, it was a beautiful spring day and after a long 3 hours of playing outside my daughters really wanted a treat. I mean a real treat. Not some oranges cut up fancy or strawberry kabobs. I had to bring out the “good” stuff. So what were my choices?

A. Go to old-fashioned ice cream place on the corner for small cones with sprinkles.

B. Get out the fruit and tell the kids how good it was for them and listen to whining.

C. Dig to the back of the pantry where I keep the organic cupcake mix.

Thanks goodness for choice C.

Yep, organic cupcakes, one box equals 24 tiny cupcakes. No icing needed and in 25 minutes the girls had their fix for their sweet tooth. Sure it’s not perfect, but hey they’re kids and as we speak they are eating their fruit for their evening dessert. The best part is that they set an example for our neighbors who now request our cupcakes instead of the bright red popsicles in their freezer.

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