Best Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Very little compares to the joy of chocolate cupcakes – both serving and consuming them! You can now stop asking yourself how to make cupcakes, especially of the chocolate variety, and get online to investigate the different recipes.

When it comes to birthdays or on festive occasions, chocolate cupcakes become a natural choice of many. The best of chocolate cupcakes need not necessarily be the most elaborate in the making. They are simple but delicious, non messy but a feast for royalty. With a few tips on how to successfully use cocoa in cakes and the combos you can try with this ingredient you will be ready to try out your own cupcakes.

It is very important to use cocoa or chocolate in any other form to the measure because the cakes could turn out a complete disaster otherwise. Also chocolate does not go well with just about any fruit or nut. You need to experiment with how to make cupcakes of chocolate after checking out ingredient combos that work well, like walnuts, raisins and cashew nuts among dry fruits. Here is one of the best chocolate cupcake recipes.

Chocolate Sins

Your line up of ingredients include 2 cups of self rising flour or all purpose flour, a teaspoon each of baking powder and baking soda, 2 cups sugar, 2 eggs (large), 1/2 cup shortening, 3/4 cup each of milk and water, a teaspoon of vanilla essence, 4 ounces of unsweetened and melted baking chocolate.

Prior to getting into the final preparation of the chocolate sins, preheat the oven to about 350 degrees. On a large tray, line the cup cake pans with paper liners and set aside. Take a large cake mixing bowl or the bowl of your food processor and mix together all the ingredients. Mix well for around 5 minutes, alternating speeds low to high. Carefully fill the cup cake liners about 2/3 full. Bake your chocolate sins for around 20 to 25 minutes and allow them to cool. Frost the ‘sins’ only when they are cooled completely. Alternately grate fresh chocolate slabs and liberally sprinkle each one of your chocolate cupcake indulgences.

If you still want to know how to make cupcakes, then you should indulge in some quality research. Today there are a number of resources that help you in the endeavor. Making chocolate cupcakes is very easy, and like any other baking indulgence once you learn to measure the basic ingredient, you are sorted. These cakes make grand appearances at kitty parties, birthdays and even on the family night out!

There is no denying that chocolate is by far the most preferred flavor in cupcakes. Though cupcakes like chocolate sins seem elaborate, they are not. Chocolate cupcakes also go well will a filling of your choice. All you need to do is cut the baked cupcakes in half, horizontally and place a filling of any fruit of your choice in the center prior to serving the ‘sins’. Also try serving them warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream!

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