Making Cupcakes for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, and you are probably anticipating a big get-together with your friends and family. Whether you are hosting it at your home or going to a friend or relative, you are most likely trying to work out what you could contribute to the festivities.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could make some ornate cakes, desserts, salads, or even contribute the roast. But if you are a working mom, you are probably frantically busy, and with the kids home on vacation you have even less time on your hands to stand for hours in the kitchen, cutting, chopping, baking, and mixing. Therefore you need to find something that tastes great but is easy to make and involves little preparation.

The ideal solution to your problem is to make some cupcakes for Christmas. Cupcakes are extremely simple. All you need is to find an easy one-bowl recipe for making the batter, pour this into the little paper holders, and then put these into the oven. It’s as easy as one-two-three! But that is not the end of the story. When you take your little creations out of the oven, you can put a pretty frosting on the top – maybe with some hundreds and thousands or chocolate chips, and you will have made a delicious contribution to your family’s celebration.

In the fact, the other great thing about this is that there are plenty of cupcake recipes that you can make with your children – which will certainly keep them busy during their vacation while you bustle around getting ready. Decorating the finished product can also be a part of the fun. In fact, you would be surprised how creative young children can be when it comes to cupcake decorating ideas. And if you are open to their ideas and are not put off by bright green icing with purple swirls, for example, this can even be a lot of fun. Encourage your kids with ideas like making smiley faces from glace cherries and chocolate chips arranged accordingly on the tops of the little cakes.

In fact, as your children get older, you can find more sophisticated ideas. For example, there are great recipes for a snowman cupcake, or perhaps you could work out how to make a fairy. Another idea is to make enough cakes to spell out the words “Merry Christmas” and then write a letter on the top of each one in chocolate sauce or frosting before arranging them in sequence on the tray. This looks good and will be sure to impress your relatives and guests.

Cupcakes can also come in a variety of tastes. You could make several batches if you wanted – some from chocolate, some vanilla, and some with rum essence in them. The variety, especially if you decorate each kind in its own way, can be very appealing.

Making cupcakes for Christmas can be a lot of fun, and your children are sure to remember them as fondly as the nativity plays, trees, and all the other symbols of this time of the year.

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