Spooky Cupcakes

Summer is now over. Fall is upon us. School is back in session. The leaves are changing colors. The crisp smell of Autumn is in the air. Halloween is around the corner. We see decorative potted Mums, accompanied with big round orange pumpkins.

When I was growing up, we would carve our doorstep pumpkin, and place a candle inside to represent a Jack-O-Lantern. Siblings and friends would all gather for a night of Trick or Treating. We would celebrate by sporting a pillowcase, canvassing the neighborhood wearing a homemade costume. The best goodies were homemade edibles. Candy and Caramel Apples, popcorn balls, cookies, and my favorite, the cupcakes.

The good old days are over. However, the abundant spirit of Halloween is eminent in a massive light. (Or should I say, darkness?) Urban Legends are respected and remembered on a larger scale. The supernatural glory, along with the ghosts and goblins are celebrated with Spookfests. Witchcraft is seriously prevalent, and the neighborhood decorations are mystical and mysterious, creepy and chilling. Yet, we still have homemade Halloween cupcakes.

To make your Halloween cupcake, think “spooky”. A witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, a bat, or Frankenstein. I would start by going to the craft store. Look at the selection of supplies. Orange and black food tint, along with sprinkles can get you started. For a simple decoration, get a candy mold. They come in bats, ghosts or skulls. A simple purchased sugar decoration is good too. A spider ring on top of your cupcake makes a great party favor.

Cupcakes for Halloween have remained never ending. Mini cakes are crowd pleasers for the spookiest of Halloweens. They have uncanny, spooky charm. Cupcakes are an irresistible, welcoming treat, complimenting the candy.

Whether you bake a pumpkin cupcake, a spider cupcake, or a witch cupcake, the fall colors will be a perfect party attribute. Also the most appreciated and enjoyed treat at all Halloween celebrations. View the cupcakes on creative-cupcake-recipes. net. for the spookiest cupcake ideas.

BOO! I put a spell on you, and now your mine…mine…mine, broken by a dozen cupcakes.

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