5 Decorated Cupcake Ideas for Girls

Cupcakes are really flexible and you don’t need a special occasion to make them. Recently, I’ve been more inspired than usual so I decided to try quite a few decorated cupcake ideas. I must say, they turned out pretty great! They’re perfect for mums who want to surprise her kids with extra-specials treats in an ordinary day. You can make the cupcakes themselves in advance and the decorations can be put in place a couple of hours before you serve them.

Here are few decorated cupcake ideas you may want to try for yourself:

Fruit – Fresh fruit have been used to decorate cakes before, but you can also do the same to cupcakes. Pick your child’s favorite fruit. Berries and even mangoes are a great choice, but whatever’s in season will also work. To balance the taste, prepare your buttercream icing with cream cheese; smooth out a thick dollop with a spatula on top of the cupcake. Simply position your fruit choices on top of the icing so that it won’t fall off.

Gummy Drops – You don’t have to make everything from scratch when you are decorating your cupcakes. If you don’t want to use too much icing but would still like to make it pop, you can use gummy drops instead. There’s an assortment of designs and flavors to choose from. Don’t forget to put a thin layer of buttercream icing at the bottom to hold them in place.

Glamorous Stars – Little girls need to feel like stars sometimes, and a star-designed personal cupcake may just do the job. Bake her favorite flavor using a foil liner. With a 1M decorating bag tip, pipe an icing swirl on top using buttercream icing in her favorite color. Sprinkle it with dark silver stars and 2mm cachous.

Cookie Flowers – Flowers are very basic among decorated cupcake ideas, but you may not want to use sugar flowers. Women and girls alike would enjoy a flower made from cookies. Just roll out a premade cookie dough and cut flower petals using a flower-shaped cookie cutter. After you’ve baked it well, outline and fill the top of the cookies using a thinned color flow icing. This would take hours to dry so you should make this a day in advance. Brush the surface with some pearl dust to make it shine.

Fairy Cakes – One of the things every mum should know is how to make fairy cupcakes for her girls. When making your cupcake base, be sure to fill only half of your baking mold with the batter. After it has thoroughly cooled off, ice the top with a fondant-style glaze. Before it could dry, put a small icing crown at the center. You can also put miniature edible flowers if you want.

These are only five of the many decorated cupcake ideas you can apply. There are many other ways to decorate a cupcake from simple icing sugar sprinkles to the most exotic intricate fondant models. A quick search through the internet will give you a heap more ideas. Good luck and have fun making your cupcakes!

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