Christmas Cupcake Decorations

Try this very different idea for Christmas gifts. How do Christmas cupcakes decorated like a Christmas ball decoration sound? Use the baubles for inspiration for your cupcake decoration ideas and recreate the design of the ball on your cupcake. Make a special little cake for each of your guests and give them the matching decoration to keep.

By using glace icing or Royal icing this will give a more shiny finish to your Christmas cupcake decoration. Silver cachous are particularly attractive for the theme of Christmas and will come in handy as well as colored fondant or marzipan.

You could also buy a set of plain round Christmas ball decorations and make your own designs on the plain balls. This will make it easier to match your cupcake decorations. Let your imagination run wild. Here are a few ideas to get you going – the traditional holly, silver beads, jewels, polka dots in bright Christmas colours, glitter. There are many sweet alternatives to use on your cupcake such as M&Ms, jelly sweets, food coloring as well as those mentioned previously.

The gifts could form part of your Christmas table setting. The name of the person written on a little label attached to the Christmas ball makes for a great place setting. If the wine glasses on the dinner table are large enough the decoration could sit inside the glass with the label hanging down the side. The decorated cupcake could then sit alongside the glass.

Make it a new tradition in your family to make a Christmas ball and decorated cupcake for the kids in the family, placing a date on the decoration for future. Well, you don’t really have to restrict it to the kids of course. Everyone loves cupcakes and Christmas traditions after all.

So if you have you been searching for something different to give this Christmas without breaking the Bank — something that will be treasured for years to come, start a new tradition in your household and make Christmas cupcake decorations.

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