How to Decorate Your Cupcakes to Look Fancy

With the many cupcake frosting ideas around, it may leave you wondering who suddenly instituted a cupcake frosting competition all over the internet. And indeed, their designs are so fascinating and they seem so easy to do that chances are, you can’t wait to try them for yourself. Let see if we can cover some of the basics of How To Decorate Cupcakes.

While cupcake decorating seems easy, there is some art to it. You can’t just pipe on random blobs on your beautifully-baked creations. This will ruin the cupcake’s visual appeal and, chances are, guests would be more than happy to look away from a frosting disaster. To avoid it, just follow the simple tips below:

Run away with your theme. Are you preparing cupcakes for Christmas, Halloween, a birthday party, or even a formal event? Plan ahead about the colors you intend to use, and visualize a complete cupcake in your mind.
Master your tools. No soldier goes into battle without weapons. No painter faces a canvas without his or her materials. No writer sits down to face a blank sheet of paper without a pen. You get the picture. Make sure that you already have working knowledge of your cupcake decorating bags. Before attempting your first big cupcake event, practice, practice, practice. You should already know how much pressure you apply and the different pipe tips you have at your disposal to make some truly interesting designs.
Get creative. Maybe making animals from piped blobs of icing isn’t really your forte. Work with what you already know, and ‘cheat’ a little by embellishing it with candies and other pre-made edible items to spice up your cupcake’s appearance.
Know your choices. Are you looking to decorate cupcakes using frosting alone? What kind of candies should you stock up? A quick trip to the candy store and the supermarket will give you ideas about what to invest in and how much to spend.
Work with what you know. Perhaps it isn’t really a good idea to copy an idea that would require masterful manipulation of cupcake decorating bags if you’re known to be the clumsiest person in the kitchen. You can use fondant, which is arguably easier to control, and just sprinkle some candies on top.
These are just some of the tips that experts have picked after years and years of cupcake decorating. Cupcakes are excellent food suggestions for any occasion. This extremely versatile piece of pastry continues to dominate homes and bakeries because of its incredible versatility. Make one of your own today!

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