Tips For Decorating Cupcake Stands

Cupcakes have become more and more popular in the wedding for they are easy to bake and decorate. Cupcake stands are essential to show off the wedding cakes beautifully. There are lots of techniques you can use to make your cupcake stand look stylish and pleasing.

This type of stands comes in many different styles and sizes for people to choose from. They can be designed into one tier or multi tiers. The lighted stand has become the favorite choice of people. It can be decorated to be simple or elegant as you want. You can use a variety of popular elements to adorn this stand, like LED lighting, silk flowers and tulle. Sometimes simple designs also can enhance the looks of the stand and cupcakes. If you want to add dimension and color to your cake display, choose materials or fabrics that are similar to the design of your cupcakes.

It is suggested that you put the main decorations near the center of your cupcake stand, especially if you want to place tea lights. This helps the guests to take out cupcakes and still keeps the arrangements as they are at the same time. Decorations like ribbons should be tied properly as they are easy to extend out to intermingle with the cupcakes.

Apart from decorations, some goodies also can be added, like candies, cookies, and brownies. Remember to place them in a way that complements the rest of the display. If these goodies are displayed with packaging, make sure they match the color and design of your cupcakes.

If you have a multi-tiered cupcake stand to display your wedding cake, it is a good idea to add different flavors of cupcakes to various tiers. Bear in mind that all the decorations complement one another.

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