Tips for Decorating Holiday Themed Cupcakes

Many people love to bake, and what better time to bake than for the holidays. What better gift to give than cupcakes that are decorated around holiday themes. No matter what holiday it is, there are hundreds of ideas out there, and with so many to choose from Christmas time, you may have a hard time finding the best ones.

You can decorate cupcakes to fit the occasion, and for Christmas, you could opt for Royal icing or gaze icing as these will give your cupcake a shiny appeal to it. This would be perfect if you were looking at making your cupcakes look more like ornaments. You can use colorful fondant and also marzipan, or using silver cachous. All of these things are perfect for decorating your cupcakes for the Christmas season. Depending on the size of your cupcakes, some people make them large while others make them tiny, you can dress up your cupcake to look like wreath or even use icing to create little pictures or Christmas items.

Halloween is a great time to make cupcakes, and why not be that different person on the black that gives out cupcakes in little baggies. There is a special type of icing that dries which will not make a mess when you wrap them up and place them in a child’s bag. Or you can use them as a great item at your next Halloween party. Create spooky designs such as a pumpkin, a witch’s face or other items. Use back icing and then orange icing to make a jack – o – lantern face.

Easter is another great holiday that involves sweets and candies and cupcakes are another great choice. Make a pastel frosting and paint your Easter cupcakes as an egg. You can also make a bunny face on your cupcakes as well. You can also create a nest with eggs in it. What better way to keep an Easter tradition than with Easter cupcakes.

Thanksgiving offer a wide variety of ideas as well. While it can be tricky to create a turkey, maybe just do the face of a turkey. You can also use fall colors and maybe get some hard candies and create a fall scene with little leaves or trees. You can also opt for something a little more different as opposed to the ordinary cupcake flavors. Why not try making maple syrup cupcakes? This can really set the fall mood. Create a cupcake that you can proudly call yours. Each time you take a bite, you can feel warmth inside of being in the fall mood.

No matter what the season or holiday is, there is sure to be a great reason to make cupcakes. With literally hundreds of different decorating themes and candies to use, you are going to have several options to make something unique every holiday. The Internet is full of delicious recipes and decorating ideas to give your guests a truly unique gift or surprise.

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