Cupcake Crawl

Cupcake Crawl

Recently, there has been such an explosion of cupcake shops all over LA that it is difficult for one to figure out exactly which one has the best cupcakes around town. Luckily, after one, day long cupcake crawl excursion and about 30 cupcakes later, we have been able to bring you the absolute two best places to find a wide array of tasty, delicious, and positively scrumptious cupcakes.

Our journey begins over in Old Town Pasadena, where you will find the famous Dots Cupcakes store. Depending on the day of the week, the menu changes to offer more and more delicious cupcake flavors. Everyday of the week, the Chocolate Lovers’, Chocolate Vanilla, Vanilla ², Vanilla Chocolate, and Red Velvet cupcakes are offered, but on different days of the weeks, new and exciting flavors are added. Check in on Mondays and Tuesdays to find decadent flavors such as Strawberry Shortcake, Dulce de Leche, Pina Colada, Cappuccino, Lemon Drop, and Chocolate Mint. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, there are yummy treats such as Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Lemonade, Cookies and Cream, Tiramisu, and Apple Pie, and on Fridays and the weekends, favorites like Carrot, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Chocobutter are up for sale. For the regular size cupcake, Dots charges a mere $2.75 for one of their tasty choices, and better yet, if you don’t have the stomach to consume one full cupcake, you can get their daily flavors in a mini size for $1.50. Dots Cupcakes is sure to delight anyone’s cravings.

The next cupcake bakery on the agenda is a little place known as Yummy Cupcakes. It was started in March 2004 by Tiffini Soforenko, Nik Soforenko, and Brogan Faye, and has spread to numerous locations in Southern California, from Burbank to Santa Monica, and to Brentwood. Yummy Cupcakes has concocted a staggering 191 cupcake flavors, and that number just keeps growing every day! They are known for their extremely delicious flavors, but also for their slightly odd flavors as well. You can find flavors such as 7-up, Butterscotch Popcorn, Chocolate Chili, Mai Tai, and Pancakes n’ Bacon, and all of them actually taste like their name! Of course they have the more normal cupcake flavors as well, such as Chocolate, Vanilla, and the always favorite Red Velvet flavor.

Yummy Cupcakes also offers three sizes: Mini, Classic, and Jumbo. Mini cupcakes are from $1.35 to $1.50 depending on the flavor, Classic cupcakes are $2.75-$3.00, and Jumbo cupcakes are typically $4.75 each. Not only do they have your normal cupcakes, they also sell a “Cupcake-in-a-Jar,” which was featured on the hit Food Network Show Unwrapped, hosted by acclaimed foodie Marc Summers. The Cupcake-in-a-Jar is literally a cupcake cut up and layered with frosting in a collectible jar.

You can use any cupcake to create your very own Cupcake-in-a-Jar, and the jar typically holds three layers of cake and three layers of frosting, topped of with sprinkles or any other topping that normally comes with the original cupcake. While a bit pricier at $6.50 per jar, the Cupcake-in-a-Jar is a new and unique way to enjoy America’s favorite snacking cake, and worth trying at least once in your lifetime. So get in your car and find the one closest to you, and we promise, you won’t be sorry.

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