Learn More About Gourmet Cupcakes

Before we can have a serious conversation about gourmet cupcakes we have to come to an understanding of what is a cupcake exactly? We would define it as a great tasting miniature cake that is created in a muffin or cupcake pan. Because they are so easy to make you have probably been exposed to a number of different great tasting flavors.

How To Make Them
The process of making cupcakes begins with lining the muffin or cupcake pan with a liner. Then pour the cupcake batter into the the cupcake or muffin pan and bake until it is ready. Once that is complete you can top the cupcake with a number of different great tasting toppings.

In fact it is the decoration portion that really separates the okay cupcakes from the wow cupcake. Some of the things that have been used for decorating cupcakes in the past include:

1) Oreo cookies (crushed).
2) Cocoa powder.
3) Granola crumbles.
4) Nuts.
5) Fruit (Dried or fresh).
6) Coconut pieces.
7) Candy (Jellybeans, M&Ms)

Ideas For Use
With the addition of the food channel and HGTV you have seen a resurgence of the gourmet type of cupcake. These are cupcakes made with the best ingredients and involve some interesting flavor choices as far as creating the batter is concerned. It has become the new “IN” thing and now they are being served at everything from weddings to upscale after dinner dessert bars.

If you keep in mind that a cupcake is basically a miniature cake then almost all of the flavor choices you have for a regular size cake will be available to be used for your premium cupcake creation. We think an excellent flavor to add to your cupcake flavor choices is caramel cake.

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