Wedding Cake Trend – Stylish Gourmet Cupcakes

With the popularity of more casual receptions, brides are choosing cupcakes for their guests in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. And no wonder – cupcakes are great for weddings! Whether homemade or gourmet (Sprinkles, Cupcakes Gourmet, or Yummy Cupcakes), cupcakes offer a myriad of benefits.

First of all, offering cupcakes allows for greater personalization in terms of flavor and design. By their nature, cupcakes can be easily suited to your colors and theme. Both Sprinkles and Cupcakes Gourmet offer over 20 different flavors. And better yet, your guests have the option to pick their favorite option instead of whichever piece of cake is served to them. Cupcakes also eliminate the expense of slicing fees (yes, brides do pay attendants for slicing their cake), and are a stylish alternative to a pricier traditional cakes. Ease of transportation is made immensely easier as well.

And remember, just because the guests enjoy cupcakes doesn’t mean the bride has to forgo the tradition of the cutting of the cake. Brides can inexpensively order a coordinating mini cake to use for the ceremony and/or photographs. The incorporation of the mini cake also allows the couple incorporate the tradition of keeping it until the first anniversary. It is considered good luck for the couple to serve a bite to each other on this day!

Sold on cupcakes at your wedding? Then follow my tips to showcase them to their best advantage:

Cupcakes look best en masse. If they there is too much room between cupcakes, it makes for a cheap looking appearance.
Avoid displaying your mini cake and your cupcakes on the same cake stand if possible. Design wise, it appears top heavy and unattractive. Make each element — the mini cake and the cupcakes — their own individual star.
Use your cake table to set the theme or mood for your reception. Incorporate personal photographs, thematic elements, flowers, candles, and beautiful serving items. Consider reversing colors for the cake table to make it stand out. If the dining tables are covered with white tablecloths and accented with tangerine colored flowers, cover the cake table in a tangerine colored tablecloth and add tangerine & white, or just white flowers.
Sarah Bogle [] is a wedding style expert and published author. After months of searching for unique & personalized wedding favors for her own wedding, she was disappointed by the lackluster options on the market. So with an entrepreneurial spirit, she formed her own artisan soap company to fill the void. Over a decade later, the Artisan Soap Shoppe LLC continues to provide truly custom wedding favors and bridal party gifts at a cost competitive price point.

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