A Personal Touch With Personalised Cupcakes

A Personal Touch With Personalised Cupcakes

Are you fed up with boring off-the-shelf birthday cakes? Do you want something that little bit more special? There is always the option of making your own birthday cake but that can be not only expensive, but messy and time consuming. There is nothing better than the fresh taste and smell of freshly baked cakes to really make someone smile. There are surprisingly many stores out there that sell such things both online and on the high street.

Many stores will create themed cupcakes to suit a particular person. They could be colour coordinated to match a favourite football team or someones favourite colours. Why not go the extra mile and have the cupcakes based on your kids favourite TV show by adding accessories to the cakes or printed rice paper.

One of the most personal things you can do for a personalized cupcake is spelling a name, age or occasion out in cupcakes. This is really simple to do by placing a letter on each cake, or the age just piped on in icing.

Why not create some delicious alternatives as well. There are always differences to the boring normal iced cakes. Butter cream tastes extra special and looks deliciously tempting when coloured with sprinkles or sweets added to the top.

There are not only different designs you can create, but many different flavours. For chocoholics a delicious frosted fudge topping or dark chocolate added to the cupcakes is really tempting. For those with a sweet tooth, strawberry or vanilla flavourings can be added. There are many shops out there selling great flavours and toppings such as coffee, cupcakes for special occasions and message cupcakes.

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