Cupcake Wrappers Cricut Lite Cartridge Review

Cupcake Wrappers Cricut Lite Cartridge Review

The Cupcake Wrappers Cricut Lite cartridge is still one of the top three most popular cartridges of the entire Cricut range and if you have used it, then you will fully understand why. For those of you that are either on the lookout for a new (and very different) cartridge to add to your ever expanding library or for those of you that are still undecided about picking this cartridge up, then the following review should hopefully give you a bit more insight for you to make your mind up.


If you have been part of the whole Cricut frenzy that continues to sweep the country for any length of time, then you would have certainly been happy with the fact that you no longer have to pay the same high prices when Cricut cartridges first came out. The Cupcake Wrappers cartridge is no exception and if you look hard enough there is no reason why you can not buy it these days in the $30 to $40 range. See the link at the bottom of this review for one of the more popular Cricut Cartridge websites that has consistent low price deals.

The Cartridge

As you can tell from the title, this particular cartridge is from the ‘Lite’ range. These Lite cartridges have rapidly become incredibly popular since their not so distant launch. Not only do many of them fill certain cartridge theme gaps in the fuller cartridge lineup, but with pure content and less of the usually wasted frills, they also work out a lot cheaper.

The Cupcake Wrappers cartridge is for all of those cake (and particularly cupcake) bakers out there. The cartridge comes bundled with 50 different cupcake wrapper or holder images that you simply select and cut out to house your freshly baked cupcake in. The cartridge also has a small selection of cupcake topper decorations that are actually perfect for topping of your final designer cupcake.

I love the fact that the simplicity of producing each cupcake wrapper is so quick and easy, but the final visual effect is absolutely adorable. Once you start to use this cartridge to dress all of those cupcakes, believe me, not only will an ‘undressed’ cupcake suddenly become incredibly boring, but you will relish the opportunity to bake them on additional occasions, just to get the complimentary remarks from all that see them.

Cupcake wrapper image designs vary between delicate, almost doily looking designs, to more modern patterns as well as several designs that incorporate useful phrases, so there really is a design to suit every cupcake occasion.

One of the more common questions with regards to this cartridge is about size. The wrapper shapes can be sized to any size of cupcake (within reason obviously), but be warned you may have to practice a couple of times before becoming an expert in what dimensions to set your machine to in relation to your actual cupcake circumference. But you will certainly get the hang of it very quickly.

Project Ideas
Obviously, if you are just baking a batch of cupcakes to sit down and eat yourself, then you probably wouldn’t need to use this cartridge, but for any and all other occasions, then it really is a must to turn these simple cakes into something special. A large percentage of people use this particular cartridge for dressing up the obligatory cupcakes for children’ parties and all of those summer social gathering occasions, but any time a cupcake or ten can be found, then this cartridge would make them just that more special.

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