Cupcakes – Now for Every Occasion!

Cupcakes – Now for Every Occasion!

We always thought cupcakes were meant only for an evening snack and were for those looking for a quick bit of cake. But think again! Nowadays cupcakes have caught the fancy of people and are making waves at rather special occasions. Read on to learn more about the options one has to make these little marvels into center pieces at a party table!

Themed cup cakes are making a foray into the baking circles and people are vying for attention with more unique ideas than the other person. One of the major occasions where special cupcake recipes have surfaced is at Easter parties. The choices of topping and decorations have become so creative that one must applaud the creativity of the people coming up with these great ideas. Most popular toppings are that of the Easter bunny. One can cut out pictures of favorite motifs in colored paper and make icings with food coloring to give it the unique shape and distinct pictures.

This is one of the best ways to encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen while baking these cupcakes. It can become a time for bonding and learning and kids learn to share and help out. Added to that is the incentive of making the favorite pictures on their cupcakes with the icings!

Weddings are another occasion where cupcakes have taken the wedding parties by storm. Gone are the days of the giant wedding cakes at the receptions. New age couples are attempting new frontiers in the cake department! Personalized cupcakes with unique toppings in rather exotic flavors are the in thing.

The tiered wedding cakes are replaced with tiers of little cupcakes made with special care and to suit the color and theme of the weddings. Amongst the popular recipes for wedding cupcakes are the rich chocolate cupcakes with silver or white icing or for a more rounded flavor there is also the option of a fruitcake cupcake.

These are quite easy to bake and can be decorated with beautiful frosting ideas. Fondant icing can also be used to make the topping and it is easily available at the neighborhood supermarket or stores. One can also use little beads and sequins to make it more glamorous.

Cupcakes have also found their way into traditionally different types of festivals such as Halloween. The over the top frosting have become quite a rage with kids and adults alike and one can find some very wacky ideas for cupcake toppings to give them a unique Halloween-y twist!

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