Decorating Cupcakes the Right Way

Decorating Cupcakes the Right Way

It’s quite amazing how the sweet little cupcake is making a welcome comeback. All over large cities there are brand new Bakeries and cupcake stores opening up, complete with their little works of art all tastefully decorated and on display. Maybe it’s because of people’s sweet childhood memories of cupcakes or how easy they are to make, for whatever reason the wonderful cupcake is making a big comeback. And it’s not only just for children’s parties they’re seen at, even Christmas parties and weddings are using tastefully decorated cupcakes to celebrate that very special occasion. And the cupcake doesn’t have to come from a designer Bakery to look special, you can create tastefully decorated cupcakes at home as long as you use the right tools and follow a few simple instructions.

Everyone wants their homemade cupcakes to look great and this is where the frosting comes in. The really beautiful cupcakes have very smooth frosting that’s perfectly consistent and this is what you should aim for. If the frosting is too thick then it won’t stick like how you’ll want, where as if the frosting is too thin then it will simply run down the sides. So to make great frosting you really need to practice to get it right, not too thick and not too thin. And once you’ve mastered great frosting, that goes an extremely long way towards making a very tasty cupcake.

The next thing you’ll need is the tools to decorate the cupcakes. You’ll need a piping bag that you’ll be filling with the frosting you’ve made, plus a spatula to scoop the frosting into the piping bag. It’s best to practice the technique of using the piping bag so that you get it right, this can be done by practicing on a wax-covered piece of card board. Once you practice with the piping bag this way, you can reuse the frosting on your cupcakes that you’ve already made. So by the time you have mastered the piping bag it’ll be very easy for you to decorate your cupcakes with the frosting.

Hopefully the cupcakes you’ve made from your favourite recipe tastes great, that way once you get the decorating right with the correct texture frosting, your cupcakes will truly stand out. Your guests will love your great tasting cupcakes and you’ll be very proud of your efforts. And remember the more practice you have in making cupcakes, the even better they will taste.

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