Wedding Cakes – 3 Advantages of Using Cupcakes

Wedding Cakes – 3 Advantages of Using Cupcakes

Do you want to do something special for your wedding? Make it unique and memorable? You can start with the traditional cake; go for something different like a cupcake for your special day. Wedding cupcakes are just ideal to make yours special. The traditional cake has become boring and predictable. Using cupcakes is an excellent alternative for couples who prefer to do less formal weddings.

Cupcakes are becoming more fashionable for couples who want to have a wedding ceremony that is different. It can be used as the main cake or as servings to guests. If you want to have cupcakes as your main wedding cake, then you can choose to use tiers for it. This way it will look similar to a traditional cake. So instead of cutting the cake, you can just exchange the cupcake with your partner. Here are some reasons why it is favorable:

1. Affordability

A large traditional cake is time consuming and more costly then making wedding cupcakes. Cupcakes are much more affordable; they require less staff to serve and are easy to serve also. It also needs lesser plates and reduces your overall catering costs. You don’t need a cake serving set and servers can bring the cupcakes to the tables so you can ask your guests to select the wedding cupcake they like.

2. Different cupcake flavors

You can find cupcakes in an assortment of flavors to suit your guests. You have so many different options to suits each of your guest’s unique tastes making it a memorable and happy experience. Some popular flavors are vanilla, carrot, lemon, banana, coconut, strawberry and chocolate. If you have chosen a pink, brown and white theme for your wedding. You could go for chocolate cupcakes with white frosting. You can go for special cupcakes that will suit guests with certain food intolerance like diabetes etc.

3. Transporting cupcakes is easy

A wedding cake is not so easy to transport from the bakery to the reception hall. Cupcakes are comparatively easy to transport, you can place them in boxes and then arrange them at the wedding hall. They are hassle free.

Whilst a traditional wedding cake makes a visually stunning showpiece, cupcakes make even better showpieces. A cupcake stand can be used for elevation on your table. You can also use a cake topper in front of cupcake display and feed your dear one with a cupcake. The popularity of cupcakes is on the rise and will soon upstage the traditional wedding cake. These charming little desserts are having so many advantages compared to the wedding cake.

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