The Beginners Guide to Cupcakes – Seven Tips to Get You Started

The Beginners Guide to Cupcakes – Seven Tips to Get You Started

Cupcakes have been popular for many years. Recently cupcakes have become even more fashionable with a certain dedicated following. There are many reasons that cupcakes are popular not least of all the individual nature of each little work of art. They are less messy than a full size cake and can be designed to appeal to a variety of personalities and tastes. Here are seven tips to help those new to cupcake decorating — or some ideas to add to your own repertoire of tips.

1. Cupcakes are usually one and a half inches to two inches in diameter which means that if buying ready made toppers they need to be about the same size.

2. When traveling with cupcakes, it is best to use pre-chilled frosting which will hold its shape longer.

3. Cupcakes can be kept in the freezer for two to three days but are best eaten on the same day they are made as the icing can change and the cupcakes may look less appetizing. If you need to freeze them it is best to do so without the decoration.

4. One of the easiest ways to decorate wedding cupcakes with your own special theme is to use chocolate candy molds. Candy molds come in the shape of almost anything you can think of. This is quick and easy when doing big quantities.

5. Design the theme of your cupcake decoration to the celebration or event. For example, at Christmas use the colors of the season — green, white, or red frosting or sprinkles, Halloween means creepy decorations — spiders and so on.

6. For parties start with an array of colored frosting, create a gift-wrapped cupcake by icing the top and then making bows. Bows can be made using red or even other colors of licorice; sprinkles or other small candies can be used sparingly.

7. Make sure you follow the baking instructions on the recipe, so that you don’t end up with burnt, under cooked or loop-sided cakes. Misshapen cupcakes look unappetizing but if this does happen to you trim the overflow and ice immediately to prevent the cupcake from drying. You can do a little camouflage if you are new to baking and decorating as long as it’s not for a special occasion. Your friends won’t mind.

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